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    Lezlie and I grew up in the city of Dallas, but since our parents were both country kids, we travelled to visit our grandparents "up home", as we always called it, to forage through creeks, pastures and our favorite barn.  Thus, we grew up appreciating the best of two worlds- the amenities, conveniences, and uniqueness of the city, or our Big D, and the serenity, wonder and comfort of peaceful country life.  As such, we grew up with strong family roots and a faith that is often associated with the down home southern tradition.  We created this company, Aunt Lillie Bells, with the intention of providing customers with fashion that reflects a little bit of that city glam and southern comfort.  One of our amazing aunts, our  Aunt Lillie Bell, serves as the namesake for our business as we admired her fashion (she worked in a department store selling hats), her hospitality, her adventure, her faith, and her love of family.  Such traits embody all of the characteristics we strive to emulate as we choose items to sell in our boutique.  So whether you're from the city, the country, or you possess the best of both worlds, we hope to provide you with fashion that reflects adventure, comfort, and style.

    From our closet to yours,

    Lezlie & Wendy