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    Aunt Lillie Bells — Canton

    Canton Texas

    Canton Texas

    First Monday Trade Days

    First Monday Trade Days is a monthly flea market held in Canton, Texas.  It purports to be the largest and oldest continually operated flea market in the United States, and if you live in Texas or any of the neighboring states chances are you have been there!

    First Monday Trade Days began sometime in the 1850's.  As was common in those days, the circuit judge would stop in certain areas on specific days to hold court sessions.  People came to town on those days to see the court proceedings and to conduct business.  Canton's designated day was the first Monday of each month, hence the origin of the name.  What started out as a place to sell and trade horses and crops has evolved into what it is today.

    Lezlie has set up at Canton since the early nineties, selling home decor and her hand painted items.  She has cultivated the most unbelievable following over the years, individuals and stores from all over the United States come to purchase her unique items.

    We started setting up Aunt Lillie Bells t'shirts on a small table a couple of years ago, and it has now evolved into a large section of the booth.  

    We hope you stop by to see us in Pavillion 4000, spaces 4250/4250.

    From our closet to yours,

    Lezlie & Wendy